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COE library is an invaluable resource for student,researchers and faculties of engineering.The library has over the years built a robust collection of over 7666 books,journals and news papers,and many other resources like exam Questions papers,CDs (165) and videos. The library,spread over 424 sq.m.,and Digital library 90 sq.m.,also provides assess to the best of engineering and research related digital resources through its subscription AICTE databases consisting of scholarly and industry relevant content.The library is automated with Autolib Library Software to provide to computer rise information and Issue-Return to the users.

Know More About Library :

The Purpose of the library is to provide

  • Diverse resource and equipment collection appropriate for use by individuals as well as class in the grade levels served.
  • Organization and maintenance of materials and equipment which facilitates optimum use.
  • Working areas and an environment which are well maintained,well organized and conducive to both learning and enjoyment while using the library resources.
  • Management of the facility and activities that allows flexible access based on patron input and needs assessments.
  • Instruction which promotes a lifelong interest in reading enables library patrons to function efficiently and successfully when pursuing research goal and encourages optimum usage of library materials,resources and services.
  • Support for curriculum and instruction initiatives.


  • The mission of COE Library as an agency of both instruction and services is to encourage reading for pleasure and information,to support the curricular goals of our campus, to teach appropriate research skill in an integrated context,and to aid other sister libraries.
  • As the term"library" has universal recognition defining a place set to house books and other print materials,technology, and audio visuals it will be used in this document instead of "resource center","library media center", or other similar term.
  • The institute has a modern library where students and faculty have access to textbooks,CD's, national and international journals,periodicals, newspapers and e-journals.A supplementary digital facility is also available that students and use to research material that is available on the internet. We also provide access to information products online and a wide range of services to achieve highest professional standards.