Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is a program offered at Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Building human-level thought processes through the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) is the state-of-the-art in Computer Science. Intelligent machines are influenced by emerging technologies, smart devices, sensors, computing power, faster data processing, huge storage and human-machine interaction capabilities. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field with the ability to extract knowledge/insights from data - be it structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data. Twinned with Artificial Intelligence, more efficient solutions to find meaningful information from huge pools of data are possible today, with data from multiple sources - sensors, images, streaming video, satellite, medical imagery and the cloud.

This graduate program has a comprehensive coverage of applied mathematics used in data science and artificial intelligence while preparing the students to analyze, design and experiment solutions to problems. The curriculum targets technical and design skills, AI knowledge, and competencies needed to master strategic analytical methods and tools, and data management, with the objective of creating innovative strategies to solve challenging real-world problems.

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Labs:

1. Data Structure and Analytics Lab.

2. Object Oriented Programming Lab.

3. Data Visualization Lab.

4. Natural Language Processing Lab.


With the advent of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Students are transformed to industry ready professionals by building smart machines with cutting edge technologies.


The program encompasses emerging areas in the field of Data Science, Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics through application-oriented and student-centric learning.

The program fosters students to get expertise in critical skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Product development, scripting languages and Mathematical modeling.

Acquire meaningful insights in the areas of natural language processing, text mining, robotics, reasoning and problem solving.

Create and design intelligent solutions to real time Business applications.

Program Outcomes

1. Enable graduates to design and harness the power of AI in broad application fields from vision to advanced autonomous systems.

2. Examine large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, insights, and help organizations harness their data to identify new opportunities.

3. Obtain expertise to turn actionable insights and cutting-edge technology into innovative products towards solving real-world problems.

4. Effectively communicate findings in terms of reports and presentations.

5. Inculcate independent research ability that addresses fundamental problems.

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