Computer Engineering


Development of all round, innovative computer professional, socially responsible and researchers leading to empowerment, to make them globally compatible


To establish state-of-art facilities and resources to facilitate world class education.

Expose to recent technological advancements and industrial professional practices.

Integrating qualities like soft skill enhancement, social values, ethics and leadership in order to encourage contribution to society.

To impart quality technical and scientific education and produce engineers, technologists, scientists and citizens who will contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of country and excel in various disciplines of knowledge.

Program Outcome

PO1 Engineering knowledge PO7 Environment and sustainability
PO2 Problem analysis PO8 Ethics
PO3 Design / development of solutions PO9 Individual and team work
PO4 Conduct investigations of complex problems PO10 Communication
PO5 Modern tool usage PO11 Project management and finance
PO6 The engineer and society PO12 Life-long learning

Program Education Outcome

Industry-ready and Skilled Engineers: To prepare graduates to acquire a fulfilling profession for employment in industry or academia, and postgraduate study in engineering.

Core Competence: Develop competence in applying knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering; enabling graduates to solve engineering problems in a modern technological society as valuable productive engineers.

Multifaceted Professionals: To provide opportunity for students to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary project. To develop ethics, team work abilities and communication skills in the students

Learning Environment: To provide lifelong learning environment for students. Make them familiar with recent trends and emerging technologies in Computer and IT world.

Ethical Professionals: To instill a sense of social, professional-ethical responsibility and an ability to communicate effectively.

Program Specific Outcome

To promote the advancement and exchange of knowledge in both the technical and research

To model software systems and applications in various domain including networks, embedded systems, advanced storage management software and web technologies.


Dr. Pallavi Jha
Ph.D.*, ME(Comp), BE(IT)

Message From HOD Desk

Welcome to the Department of Computer Engineering at ISBM College of Engineering. ISBM college of Engineering is one of the best engineering college of Pune. Computer technology has become an integral part of our daily life. It is the most important element in the education of students of the present and the future era. Computer Technology has revolutionized society to a great extent. Technological advancements are so rapid in this field that continual learning is essential to keep the skill set of students up to date. Expertise in computing is a skill essential not only for the Computer Engineering students, but also for the students of other branches of Engineering. Our students become competent computer engineers imbibed with the spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship.

The curriculum puts an emphasis on Information Management, Information Storage, Information Communication and Presentation. The teaching and learning process emphasizes equally on theoretical and practical aspects catering to the needs of industries.

ISBM College of Engineering (COE) having the one of the facilities for the Computer Engineering eternity. has a good combination of qualified teaching and non-teaching staff to excel in teaching learning process with latest computer hardware and networking facilities. Further, a dedicated 32 Mbps IP leased line with backup of another 512-kbps leased line is available.

She has vast experience in the different corner of academia. She has published many research articles in the reputed International conferences and Journals. In the path of her research experience she has published many patents. Currently she is associate editor of Asian Journal of Convergence in technology.

She held the position as conference chair of IEEE conference I2CT, 2018. She is dedicated to improve the research and innovation environment in the department.

Subscribe for the Microsoft Academic Alliance provides the Windows OS platform and software. Adequate peripherals are provided along with a back-up UPS and DG set to provide uninterrupted computing capability. The department does have an active branch of The Association for Computing Machinery, USA, (ACM)Students Chapter which helps members focus on deliverables with the help of Industry Leaders and by being a part of various workshops and seminars.

Welcome to the one of the Premium College of Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Pallavi Jha

Pallavi Jha

HOD & Associate Professor
Experience : 10.0
Ajaypal Singh

Ajaypal Singh

Assistant Professor
Experience : 11.0
M.Tech(CSE), B.E(IT)
Ms. Anita Dombale

Anita Dombale

Assistant Professor
Experience : 8.0
M. E. (CSE)
Sonali Khairnar

Sonali Khairnar

Assistant Professor
Experience : 7.0
Sagar Latake

Sagar Latake

Assistant Professor
Experience : 7.0
Harish Patil

Harish Patil

Assistant Professor
Experience : 4.5
PhD*, M.Tech(CN), BE(CSE)
Kirti Randhe

Kirti Randhe

Assistant Professor
Experience : 3.0
BE , ME(Computer Engineering)
Aparna Patil

Aparna Patil

Assistant Professor
Experience : 3.0
ME(Comp), BE(Comp)
Mohan Ambikar

Mohan Ambikar

Technical Assistant
Experience : 5.0

SE Computer Engineering Syllabus 2015

SE Computer

TE Computer Engineering Syllabus 2015

TE Computer

BE Computer Engineering Syllabus 2015

BE Computer

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